Thursday, June 05, 2008

new garden gate

I have a great new garden gate that my husband made. Now I don't trip over the fence every time I try to get into the garden. I stepped on several plants this spring after I tripped on the fence. No more!

The gate is made from pvc pipe. It rests on either or both of 2 copper pipes set in the ground. It pulls up and off completely. Or it can be set on one pipe or the other so it swings. A very cool design.

The fence is just a low 2 or 3 foot one that keeps Skippy out of the garden.

garden structures


Roses and Lilacs said...

Thank you, thank you, for posting the photo of your garden gate. Even I (useless with tools as I am) could make a gate like that one. Tell your hubby he is brilliant and that a woman in northern IL is going to copy his gate design;)

kathy said...

He IS brilliant. He'll be glad to hear you like this.

Just to be clear who designed what - he didn't realize you could put the gate on only one post so it would swing open and closed. That was MY discovery.

Unknown said...

You've helped my husband and I as well. THANK YOU from Minnesota too!!!

Annette said...

Wonderful i was just googling garden gates for the same reason..only my little garden digger is 150lbs and is like a bull in a china shop!! Thanx I am going to recreate your design! Thanx Again from Cold Lake Alberta Canada!