Saturday, June 28, 2008

me in the garden

me pulling carrotsme and skippy me and skippy 2

My sister got hold of my camera and took photos of me and Skippy.

Those are raindrops on my shirt. We had a few more of our spectacular downpours today. Why not show our CA visitors what New England weather is like! My sister and I got soaked in the garden.

photos of Kathy


Spot-On said...

urgh here in CA we DREAM of rain right now! After a heatwave of temps in the 100's (last saturday was 109!) . The last week was cooler, but now they forcast triples again this weekend!!!
Send the rain this way, we'll take it!

Gina said...

hey kathy! i've never seen what you look like. it's nice to put a face with a blog. now I don't have to refer to you as "skippy" anymore.

Anonymous said...

How nice to see the writer and photographer!

Anonymous said...

That is one handsome dog!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Skippy! He's really a great dog, and a good gardening companion.

I just started my own gardening blog ( and I mentioned you in my latest post! Those tomato seedlings you gave me have gotten big - I can't wait until they start setting fruit.

kathy said...

Amelia, I like you blog and will add a link soon. Glad to hear you are settled in DC. Your cayenne is growing like crazy, but I'm still trying to get a nice photo of it. It has a 1-2 inch pepper on it already that I just noticed! Maybe it will turn red soon.

Anonymous said...

I just love that dog. I would do anything just to pet it for a lil bit.

Your garden looks amazing. Totally amazing.

naltieri said...

I am soooo envious! I have "high mountain" (Tehachapi Ca.) garden, my tomatoes are only at about 8"-12" high, the only items I have been able to harvest are lettuces, and onion
family. Squashes are doing well, beans are doing terrible this year, potatoes are going bonkers.
Anybody in California that wishes to share info? Please feel free to contact me