Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm really pleased with the crunchy red lettuce and bright pink radish from my community plot! I pulled four radish today. Two were round and two were woody and thin and went to the compost pile. Just one head of lettuce makes more than enough for two servings of salad. Its prime lettuce season! I'm not so pleased with how much sun my hands are getting. I try to remember the sunscreen, but I usually forget...

harvests from my vegetable gardens

radish (Raphanus sativus)


MeierEce said...

I agree the lettuce coming from the Garden has been great! Question for you: How much water to you peppers need? I was at BBQ the other day and someone who has been gardening for years told me to make sure Idon't over water the peppers. Currently my Green and Yellow peppers are approx 5 inches. I am new to gardening and this is my first year gardening, so I figured I would ask you.

Maryogim said...

thanks for the answers regarding the broccoli. the link you gave me was super helpful. i think i will harvest some of the leaves to go with my collards for dinner tonight.
the sunscreen habit is a hard one to get into, truly.
good luck with the parsnips, i have yet to try growing any root veggies. maybe next season or this fall?

kathy said...

About those peppers - I had great luck with mine last year. I didn't know that over watering was a problem.. I just looked it up and sure enough, peppers don't like wet feet. The optimum is 1 inch of water per week, preferably all at once. You could use a rain gauge if you want. But I would just make sure they dry out between waterings. I watered 20 minutes every other day last year. Good luck.