Monday, June 02, 2008

my community garden plot

broccoli broccoli 2
garden lettuce
plot aerial
I completed several tasks this weekend at my garden plot: I transplanted half of my broccoli plants from my shady home garden to the sunny plot and covered these with row cover. I planted pole beans (green and cranberry type shell) on the east fence, planted a few more zucchini, watermelon and winter squash seedlings, planted cilantro seeds that I saved from last year, filled in the soy bean row with a few more seeds, and added some purchased eggplant seedlings to the potato bed. I also weeded, cultivated and watered all the beds.

I have the feeling that the garden is pretty much planted now. (Only the cukes left to transplant sometime this week.) Time to watch and see how it grows. I wonder if I have overfilled it? I don't like empty spaces, but also not good to over plant. Everything is growing like crazy.

Belmont Victory Garden


Barb said...

Overfilled? No, I don't think so. Your garden is gorgeous, and if it gets too crowded you can always thin it out later.

kathy said...

Thanks. I breathed a sigh of relief that someone thinks its not overfilled. (Maybe I'll go plant a couple more seeds today...)