Tuesday, June 03, 2008

northern redback salamander?

salamander 2 sally 3
I was moving a rock in my community garden today and found this cute little amphibian underneath. What do you think - a four-toed salamander or an eastern redback? It seems like those are the two most common ones around here.

After a quick photography session, I let him scramble back under a rock. Nice to see who's living under there. I was very happy to read that these guys eat ticks. Way too many of those here.

My garden is outlined with a nice ring of rocks. After finding this guy, I watered the rocks as well as the veggies.

Others in the community garden also have amphibians in their gardens. I know of a gardener with a small toad and one with a resident snake. I'm glad to know that I am providing a habitat for a cute little salamander, whatever type he is.

garden amphibians


Anonymous said...

I am forever distrubing little toads in my garden when I water or dig. It's nice to see them in there, hopefully eating unfriendly bugs!

earlysnowdrop said...

I don't mind worms...but that guy...eeeeeeuwwwwww.

kathy said...

Oh jeepers! Its just a salamander. He's cute!