Friday, June 06, 2008

garden in the rain

garden in the rain 3
garden in the rain 2 garden in the rain 5
garden in the rain 4 garden in the rain 1

We've gotten stuck in a wet weather pattern for most of this week. I'm curious to check out my rain gauge at my community plot.

Most of my vegetables love this weather and are growing like crazy! If I skip a day of going by my plot, I appalled at how much plants have grown. My potato plants are enormous! And the peas. The favas, onions and carrots seem to enjoy it too.


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Oh! it looks so great! I wish I had some rain, it is so very dry and hot weather here in Sweden, the soil is like concrete. This morning I preformed a rain I hope that will help :)

kathy said...

A rain dance. That should do it! Good luck.

Ewa said...

Your vegetable garden looks great - so many different kinds of vegetables :) We are waiting here in Poland for the rain a lot, since it didn't rain for at least 3 weeks.