Thursday, June 12, 2008

cheers to the harvest!

radish 3 harvest
martini 1

This is my first non-lettuce harvest of the year. Sugar snap peas, broccoli buttons and a radish! Yippee!

Gretta warned me that spring broccoli around here tends to button. She said it goes to fast from cool to hot. I would assume that's what has happened to mine. Little tiny heads. I picked them because they look ready - like they're about to open into flowers soon. My 15 year old son ate them and the peas and I heard no complaints - that means they were at least good.

But the radish I ate and can attest was awesome. Spicy and crisp. For the past couple years I've tried to grow radish to no avail. The plants bolt and don't bulb. This first radish is still pretty small as I was just thinning the row. But its a real round red radish! I am thrilled!

The difference is my new sunny garden. I planted the same radish seeds at the same time at both gardens. This one is from my sunny (community) garden. My shady garden radish are bolting and have no bulbs (yet again).

Radish is one of my favorite martini additions - along with onions, cucumbers, peppers and of course olives. So its a perfect celebration. (By the way the fresh uncooked peas look good, but they don't taste good in the martini - just decoration.) Cheers to the spring harvest!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous garnish! We were invited over to my brother and family's house for dinner last night and brought salad greens, spinach sauted with baby garlic and a chartruse little bowl full of pink radishesAll from the garden, of course.) Don't you just love this time of year?!


kathy said...

That sounds great! I bet it was delicious.