Wednesday, June 25, 2008


rain on my garden 3
This is my home garden. We've been getting deluged with rain every day this week. The sky seems to just open up and buckets pour down. My rain gauge says nearly 3 inches this week.


jimmycrackedcorn said...

Very nice exposure showing the falling rain! Using a tripod?

Anonymous said...

Hey could you send us some rain down here? I am tired of using the hose. You garden is looking great!

Anonymous said...

omigosh, are those your peas at the far right, with string trellises?? I am definitely going about things the wrong way, if so.

What do you have over there so high in only June?

kathy said...

No tripod. Just a basic out-the-window photo.

The drops started coming down so fat that I ran downstairs to get the camera and poor Skippy thought there was some disaster.

I flip through all the camera settings and snap a quick shot with each. (A good approach when you don't know what all those buttons do.) But many showed the drops. I think it was just that these raindrops were so big.

Our rainstorms have been quite spectacular.

I checked to see where you are located, Tim. Alabama. I feel guilty with all this rain. I can imagine everyone doesn't have so much. We have too much.

I enjoyed looking at your blog. I love the color of your background. The same color as the center of a daisy! Nice!

kathy said...


Yes those are peas. I will have a pea post soon. They are out of control, but not alot of blossoms or peas this year. I grew a couple of very tall varieties. I mixed them in with shorter ones.

If yours are shorter, you probably just have a shorter variety. I have Tall Telephone, which grows very tall, but not alot of peas and Dutch Capucijner purple podded soup peas. Both grow to at least 6 feet.

Next year I will spread them out. I think I should be getting more peas from this many vines. Though I have heard other gardeners also saying their crop is small this year. Maybe the weather. It warmed up way too fast.

Jessica said...

What are the pretty pink flowers growing on the fence? Very cute! Nice change of color against the green.

kathy said...

The rose is Dorothy Perkins - a very old variety that was one of the few things in the yard when we moved here 16 years ago.

It is wonderful. It blooms with big cascades of pink blossoms. I will make sure to collect many photos while it is in bloom.

In past years I have even collected photos of Dorothy Perkins roses in other yards. It blooms only once a year for about 2 weeks. Here is a link to my past photos: Dorothy Perkins rose photos.

Lisa in CA said...

Your vegetable garden is beautiful. That is what I aspire to one day.

John said...

Wow, 3 inches in week. We only get about 4 inches in an entire year! Your garden looks great. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, beautiful garden you have! So lush and green and I'm very impressed how much you have managed to cram into one small area!

I'm your neighbor also here in Eastern Mass, though I'm on the South Shore (not sure where you are). I'm a recent transplant from Alabama, so I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole zone 6 thing.

Really enjoying your're an inspiration!