Wednesday, June 04, 2008

local CSA farms

Here's a Boston Globe article on our local CSA (community supported agriculture) farms. I read about this on the Belmont CSA blog and wanted to link to it here too.

Gretta has a nice quote in the article: "I think people are getting a lot smarter about the importance of a strong regional food system and about healthy food. They're getting smarter about living in ways that are environmentally friendly and the positive consequences of that," said Anderson, who grows her vegetables on a 1-acre garden on Glenn Road.

About once a month I head over to Gretta's farm and take photos of her beautiful crops. Many of these photos end up on her blog. Its about time for me to head over there and see what she has growing now. We have a well needed rainfall today and I bet her crops (and mine!) are enjoying it.

Our Belmont Farmer's Market opens next week: June 12th.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

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