Monday, June 02, 2008

bluebirds in the Meadow

bluebird house 1
bluebird 1 bluebird 2
I was pleased to see the bluebirds are still in the nesting box at the back of the meadow. I've seen them there since early April. A surprising thing is that there is a new nesting box that has been added very close to the occupied ones. A bluebird pair has had the front box and a swallow the back box and now a new box is added with these. I wonder why someone placed it so close???

Another good sighting is a second box with a nesting bluebird at the front far end of the Meadow. I never saw this one before. The trail runs closer to this box, so I came get a better photo.
other bluebird house


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kathy said...

Well, today I ran into the person who runs the nesting program here and I think I understood that the third box was added to accommodate the sparrows to prevent them from harassing the bluebirds. Also it provides extra perching places for the birds.

The bluebirds have trouble foraging in the meadow because the grass is too high and there are not many perching places.

There seems to be a nice active bluebird program here. I'm pleased. Go bluebirds!