Wednesday, December 31, 2008

reflections - on the last day of the year

another year in my vegetable garden

On this very snowy Dec 31st, I've put together a composite of my favorite garden (and Skippy) photos from the past year.

It's been a fantastic year.

I've been looking back at all that's happened in my gardens. We put an awful lot of work into my community garden plot - the fence and gate, the removal of 10 giant stumps and several big rocks, mowing the community garden paths most of the summer, as well as general planting, tending and harvesting. I had a lot of help from my husband and son, from my sister and friends, from gardeners' who commented on my blog, and from my faithful and ever willing companion Skippy. Though I still grew a few vegetables in the raised beds in my side yard - herbs I gathered right before dinner and vegetables that could tolerate partial shade - I've come to realize the value of a sunny plot - and the pleasures of participating in a community garden. At the community garden I've seen new ways to support tomato vines, new ways to nurture garden soil, I've watched the bees come to other gardener's flowers, I've meet other gardeners and new friends, and spent many hours talking about our shared interest in growing food and flowers.

All in all, my little vegetable plots have yielded an abundance. An abundance of work, pleasure, joy, friends, knowledge, satisfaction, photos, weeds, sunshine, oh yes, and vegetables.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Thank you for your insights and your photos.

Chiot's Run said...

Love all the photos!

Happy New Year, hope it's better than the last gardening wise.

Lisa said...

What a great poster of your gardening year!

Hope Skippy is VERY well-rested now....


Jennifer Swanton Brown said...

Kathy, this "poster" is so gorgeous -- did you ever think to get them printed up and make a little cash $$ --? I'd buy one!

Cavs said...

Hands are amazing. when you look at what yours have done on your garden. Its just speechless.

Gladys said...

Amazing photos!