Saturday, December 20, 2008

snowy garden

snow covered garden

We got about 8 inches (as predicted).

The kale is just barely sticking out of the snow. I'll have to make some kale soup soon as its tastes best when picked from under the snow. I have a couple potatoes and a leeks for tonight, but will look forward to kale and kielbasa soup soon.


Dan said...

That is a familiar sight although we ended up getting 12 inches. A crazy amount of snow so early in the season!

kathy said...

Wow - 12 inches is a lot of snow! Its not even winter yet.

Anonymous said...

This looks so much like my garden - what can be found of it anyway, hee hee. We got over 16 inches and it is still falling in central Connecticut. I am thinking of hunting down the kale I've got in containers outside on my porch, but it is still snowing so hard that I don't think I could dig it out - or even get it picked since it may be frozen! Let us know how the soup turned out!