Saturday, December 13, 2008

cheers! a winter martini with ... radishes!

winter martini

I still have a million (almost) radish in my fridge from my garden. They are still great in martinis. Cheers!

Actually I have about 20 radishes left. I'm pleased they're keeping so well. I was afraid they'd be in the compost bin by now because we only eat about 1/2 a day, at most.

These martinis have two olives, a radish slice and a Peppadew pepper - red, white and green for Christmas.

Topic: martini!

radish (Raphanus sativus)


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...


Anonymous said...

Great idea, I'm going to have to try this out. Might take 2 or 3 attempts to make sure I have the martini just right! :)

kathy said...

Definitely, it takes a lot practice!