Saturday, December 13, 2008

winter reading

my bookshelf

Here is my bookshelf. I bought most of these back in the fall when it started to look like winter was coming after all.

Unfortunately, I'm an incredibly slow reader. I pick up a book and by the time I figure out where I left off, I fall asleep. I've been reading Micheal Pollen's Omnivore's Dilemma" forever now. It seems a steamy romantic novel should follow this.... Don't see any of those on this shelf. Oh well. Not sure which I will pick up next.


Glen said...

OOOHHH! Read Animal, Vegitable, Miracle next! It is a great book.


Anonymous said...

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible is one of my favorites - my copy has seen a lot of abuse!

Jain said...

I'd be interested to hear other gardening book recommendations!


kathy said...

Well, I have already read Animal Vegetable. Very good (at putting me to sleep at night). (It actually seemed like a lecture on stuff I didn't really need to hear about - not sure why I felt this way.... I was hoping for more of a gardening story than opinions.)

Gardeners Bible is super. Lots of fantastic info. I have a thing about tabulated garden info. I LOVE it!

My favorite book is not on my shelf, because I can't seem to find it. Great Garden Companions by Sarah Jean Cunningham. An excellent book!

Adriana said...

It took me weeks to get through Pollan's "Farmer in Chief" article. I found his Bill Moyer's interview more interesting.

ann said...

I found Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to be pretty exasperating, too. So preachy! And I say this as someone who's already a member of the damn choir.

Love the Martini book's prominent placement.

tartuffe said...

Have you read Joan Dye Gussow's This Organic Life? She is pretty wonderful. Anything written by Michael Pollan is excellent. I didnt care for Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable etc ---boring and self congratulatory (but then that is probably how I sound about MY garden).

kathy said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check out Gussow's This Organic Life. I also printed out the Moyer-Pollen interview to read someday.

I hear we have some winter weather coming. I'll just sit in my chair by the fire and read.... wishful thinking