Wednesday, December 17, 2008

one inch of snow, more on the way

one inch

Looks like much of the central and northeastern US will get the next storm that's coming on Friday. Hold onto your hats!


Dan said...

We are supposed to be hit as well. Six inches on Friday and then another six inches on Sunday. I filled up my gas can as the snow blower will be working over time.

You have a beautifully weathered fence.

Jessica said...

I'd be happy as a clam to get some snow. Lucky, Lucky! I haven't seen snow in years. :( After living in northern WV and moving to Southern MD, I miss it terribly; it's just not winter until you get a good snow fall. Enjoy it!

Adriana said...

We've had torrential rain is S. CA... Brrr... I know I know... It's not snow but I'm not used to it. =)