Tuesday, December 02, 2008

grand canyon hiking

me at the Grand Canyon

I will eventually be back at my garden, but for now I'm hiking a bit. That speck in the lower right is me. The Grand Canyon is an awesome place to hike and camp!

We spent about 24 hours here. Overnight camping at Mather Campground (overnight low of 28* - bbrrr). Wapiti seemed to own the place and the nighttime chorus of coyotes was impressive (i.e. scary - my sister and I were sure they had surrounded our site and were moving in). Of course the canyon is beyond description. Just incredible.

... more of my Grand Canyon photos are here, at my Flickr site


Mrs. Finch said...

I'm *SO* jealous!

You're missing nothing but frosty mornings here. There were a few snowflakes over the weekend, but only for a few moments. Take lots of pictures!

Tina said...

Have a great time! Looks gorgeours indeed! And don't forget to post more pictures :-)

lilymarlene said...

How lovely!
We have booked some rim cabins for next eptember when we are having the trip of a life time to visit G Canyon and around there.
Can't wait!

Kristi said...

Have fun! My husband and I hiked to Havasu Falls this year and visited with our girls in 2007, and I can't wait to go back. It's addictive. Yes, the coyotes are loud!

Jessica said...

Wow Beautiful! I've never been there before but hope to visit sometime soon. Enjoy your time out west!

Kateri said...


Jim Lemire said...

Hi KAthy - not sure if you want to join in, but you've been tagged with a meme

I don't miss much from AZ, but I do miss the Grand Canyon. Nice pics!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful photo -- and always good to enjoy a hike!