Wednesday, December 24, 2008

just borrowing bloggers photos?

Well, another site is using garden bloggers' photos and posts without permission. I'm not going to post a link.

Presumably they make enough from ads to make it worth their time to set up the site and copy posts. Its a pretty small world, though, and things get noticed pretty fast (Here's Tyra's post). Many bloggers' told the site to remove their photos.

Several of my posts and photos remain. These photos link back to my FLickR site. I've added a note to the photos that links back to Skippy's Garden. "This photo is from Skippy's Vegetable Garden. If you are viewing it at another site, then it is being used without the owner's permission." Maybe I can get more traffic through them?

In any case, if you see my photos (or other bloggers' content) somewhere else without acknowledgment (I do often give permission to other sites), please don't go back to the site and DON'T click their ads.

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