Saturday, December 06, 2008

horse manure for the garden

I used horse manure in my garden recently but a fellow gardener suggested it was not so good as a compost or mulch. From what I read on line, it seems that there are several reasons to skip this manure as it contains weeds seeds, deworming drugs, herbicides and high Mg levels.

Ann's Organic Garden: Just say nay to horse manure for mulch, by Ann Lovejoy

topic: soil


Anonymous said...

... but from the 'Pro Horse Manure' lobby, I'd point out that it's also fantastic for soil structure and biological activity, and adds nitrogen like no other 'natural' product.

Me, I'm willing to tolerate a bit of trace worming tablet to get those benefits!!

kathy said...

Great! Thanks for the comment. I LOVE your garden!