Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Desert Botanical Garden - Phoenix AZ

CHIHULY garden art among the cactus "The Nature of Glass":
chihuly 5 chihuly 2
chihuly 6
chihuly 4 chihuly 3

I've never seen garden art quite like this! Every color and shape of hand blown glass works scattered among the cacti. Quite a sight. My favorite was the boat full of blue squiggly things titled "Blue and Purple Boat". I was imagining that in my front yard!

Agave photos:
phoenix botanical gardens agave 8 phoenix botanical gardens agave 7
phoenix botanical gardens agave 4 phoenix botanical gardens agave 5
phoenix botanical gardens agave 6 phoenix botanical gardens agave 3

The Phoenix gardens must have hundreds of varieties of agave. We were particular interested in the impression of the spines on the younger leaves. A blue on blue pattern.

More plants at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden:
phoenix botanical gardens 3 phoenix botanical gardens 10
phoenix botanical gardens 21 phoenix botanical gardens 4
phoenix botanical gardens 16 phoenix botanical gardens 17

Our visit to these gardens was on my last day in Arizona. Another bright blue, warm and sunny day. I'm soaking up all the sunshine I can before I get on my plane and head back to Boston.


Doctor Mom said...

Wonderful how the Chihuly pieces work in that setting. I guess that I like his stuff after all . . . or at least when surrounded by cacti! Okay, it's a wonderful installation.

kathy said...

I think our group's opinion was that the Chihully works were, ummm, interesting. A couple I thought were great, especially the blue ones. Some were just, well, different and a bit out of place. All were attention grabbing. It does seem odd to have such a delicate (breakable) work as garden art.

Lisa said...

I'm not sure about Chihuly as a way to interest folks in gardens and gardening, but they certainly are attention-getting.

Glad you were able to appreciate the plants in the Desert Botanical Garden -- a wonderful place.

Matron said...

What a beautiful respite from our cold, damp gardens! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Matron - seeing these pictures of things growing and thriving are reaffirming as the cold is setting in for Connecticut. I especially like the last picture with the bit of curled wisp, like a wink and smile almost.

Naturegirl said...

I've been to this garden because I spend my winters in Scottsdale!I found touring this garden and the Grand Canyon so memorable!
I wonder if the glass sculptures will still be there in March? They certainly add to the beauty!
For now I am enjoying snow.

Anonymous said...

Very gorgeous plants and stiking sculpture. I have about 15 kinds of agave and always want more-but people here don't appreciate agave, cacti or succulents, even though hey are ideal for our soil and clime, so there are none to buy.
You framed the photos very well.

kathy said...

I was surprised at all the lawns in the Phoenix area. And roses. Though many houses do have native desert plantings. I suppose there is some standard idea of a yard (grass and shaped yews) that many strive for.

Anonymous said...

Utterly beautiful and amazing! The juxtaposition of art in the garden is particularly interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I loved the glass in amongst the cacti. Thought they were exotic plants until I read the captions!