Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more horse manure

skippy in the tub

I collected another wheelbarrow full of horse manure for my garden today. I'm pleased to be accumulating a good layer of this. The good news is that Skippy refrained from eating it today. The bad news is that he decided to roll in it. It seems to be very cool stuff to a dog. Does he look a bit embarrassed in this photo? At least he's clean.

horse manure for the garden


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Go skippy. How funny.

Chiot's Run said...

what is it about poop that attractis dogs?

Anonymous said...

I'm babysitting my brother's Lab while he's in Iraq and she eats my Lab's poop... if she's in the yard with him, she stands guard while he's pooping... if she's not in the yard with him, she scours the whole yard when she does go out to find her a tasty snack. YUCK!!!

pjkobulnicky said...

How insensitive ... does Skippy have to bath you when you put on your smelly stuff?

More seriously .... better poop than skunk.


kathy said...

Poor Skippy to have to put up with this ;-) And yes, it could have been worse.

I keep Skippy too clean (he gets a bath about every week or week-and-a-half). Some people say he's the best groomed dog around. He doesn't seem to mind the tub too much and seems to be really happy to be clean - or at least to get out of the tub. who knows. I find it hard to know what he actually likes and doesn't like. If he knows what to expect, he likes it (and he certainly knows the bath routine).

Of course, it was easy to see that he loved the smell of that manure pile!