Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sunflowers in their glory

sunflower 4 sunflower 8
sunflower 1 sunflower 6
sunflower 7
sunflower2 sunflower 9

I think the sunflowers may be my favorite!

And this year the gardens have a lot of variety. Dark and light. Giant ones and minis. Single and doubles. I like how they glow in the 6 pm light.

All of these are from other peoples plots. None of my sunflowers grew this year.


Anonymous said...

Kathy - your pictures are so very pretty, especially capturing the happy flowers in the evening sun. Good luck with the seed swap!
- Daisy and Pixie

Salix said...

Love the "fuzzy" one at the top. Do you know what variety it is?

kathy said...

Those are Jennifer's sunflowers. I'll ask her soon.

Dan said...

Great shots, I like the puffy one at the top right the best.

Chloe m said...

Such pretty sunflowers, they immediately caught my eye! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow they will be getting some good and tasty sunflower treats pretty soon by the looks!

kathy said...

Jennifer thinks the fluffy ones are these from Seed Savers Exchange.

As she said "I'm so glad we planted them - there's something satisfying about growing something so big!" Definitely true.

kathy said...

I wonder how many people eat their sunflower seeds. I think they're mostly grown as ornamentals and for birds. The birds are sure enjoying the gardens now.

Last year I made salted roasted sunflower seeds and they were nice, but not crisp enough for me. Plus only half the seeds had a kernel inside.

Salix said...

Thanks Kathy, I've made a note to buy those seeds next year.

J.Q. Rose said...

I heard for the first time in my life that sunflowers always grow facing east. I was especially made aware of this when our humongous sunflower in our flower bed turned toward the house and faced it the entire time. It faced east! I always thought their faces followed the sun.

Tina said...

I love sunflowers, too! So many different varieties and each is a beauty on her own. So bright, especially on greyer days of early fall. I am not sure if I leave mine until the birds have eaten all the seeds, or if I take them down and give them back to the birds in winter.

Mrs. Finch said...


Mine grew facing all directions, even north! The biggest heads were the tallest, and most of them faced west - they always looked so beautiful facing the setting sun.