Sunday, September 27, 2009

my popcorn is delicious!!!

popcorn and skippy popped corn

I tested a few kernels of popcorn and they popped well we made a batch (1 ear). Small bright white kernels. Add salt and melted butter. First thing, we brought it to my 17 year old. Here's the conversation:

(I put the bowl down near him.... Munching sounds start.... more munching sounds..)

"Do you like it Sam?"

"Is it as good as your usual popcorn?"
(munching, I tried to wait for elaboration...)

"Ohh. What's better about it?"
"The flavor."

And that's very true. I completely agree. (And very nice to have such an involved conversation with a teenager.) The kernels are smaller. But they taste delicious. A very subtle nice flavor that tastes like, well, popcorn. (Instead of microwaved Styrofoam with fake butter flavor added.)

So good we made another batch tonight. Its going fast! My 30+ ears definitely won't last long at this rate. (Another 28 or so days.)

Another definite for next year's garden!


margaret said...

Congratulations!! Bravo!!

Jeff said...

Awesome. Gardening and eating AND involving the family. Please don't stop posting such good stuff.

Victoria B. said...

Sounds good, Kathy. When shall we come???

kathy said...

Gee Mom. I was thinking I'd give the popcorn for Christmas presents, but now I'm afraid it won't last that long....

No, just kidding. I'll make sure to save some so you can try it.

Chiot's Run said...

I can't wait to try mine! Fresh popcorn does taste so much better. We buy it sometimes at a small local place and the first time we ate it we said, "Wow, it actually tastes like corn".