Saturday, September 26, 2009

a beautiful gardening day

Copy of sept aerial

Today I cleaned up my side yard garden. What a fantastic day.

- Photograph in the morning light everything that was blooming.
- Photograph all the spider webs.
- Harvest basil, soybeans and cucumbers.
- Pull, bag and dispose of all the tomato debris.
- Pull and compost the peas and stack the pea poles.
- Support the garden fence better.
- Trim and adjust the rose shoots.
- Trim the grass/weeds between the garden beds.
- Empty compost tumbler and spread onto 2 cleared beds.
- Dismantle an old decayed compost bin.
- Hand sift compost from bin and spread on the 2 cleared beds.
- Topseed 2 beds with green manure mix (from Johnny's - a mix of vetch, field peas, clover and winter rye)
- Clean up and have a cranberry martini.

An aerial series of this year's garden so far: April through September.

garden aerial aerial aerial aerial aerial wet aerial 2 aerial August 25 Copy of sept aerial


Liz said...

It's always amazing watching other's gardens grow, you never realise just how much things change unless you take photos as you go along!

Karen said...

Did I miss your review of your new composter?

kathy said...

Oh, the composting. I'm not doing very well at it. I have a beautiful new tumbler and am not using it correctly. I should post anyway and get pointers. Thanks for asking. I will collect photos today of what I spread: a layer of partially composted stuff from the tumbler (too much green matter) and a layer three year old woody compost from my bins. Also photos of the tumbler and my old bins.

Victoria B. said...

I'm surprised no one commented on the Cranberry Martini.....

kathy said...

It was good. It actually had a piece of dried papaya in it too.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Wow.. such a neat garden! I'm really inspired by your blog! :)