Saturday, September 12, 2009



I dug down a bit around the crown of one of my parsnips today. Yes! A root. I won't pull these til after a frost, but they are coming along.

The past two years I tried to grow parsnips and was not able to get them to sprout. This year I kept reseeding and watering. They start out very slowly.


Nigel Gnome said...

Roasted parsnips are god's gift to gardeners.

sarahsvegetablepatch said...

That looks like two parsnips together there. I think we will have eaten all of ours before a frost comes, better grow more next year!

kathy said...

Yup, that's two of 'em. Probably should've thinned them.

Are they good before a frost? I thought you had to wait.

Marian(LondonUK) said...

Definitely better after a frost, I love roast parsnips. Haven't grown any yet as our soil is so heavy. I need to prepare a proper "parsnip patch" next season.

Unknown said...

its looks like mine parsnips on the garden

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