Sunday, September 06, 2009

35 ears of popcorn drying

popcorn  1

I husked and hung 35 ears of popcorn. I picked about 50 ears total, but many were not pollinated. That's what I get with a small corn patch I guess.

I enjoy the different colors. I planted two varieties: Faribo White Hulless and Baby Golden. I'm wondering if the multicolored ears were pollinated by both of two types? With corn, each kernel gets pollinated separately by a grain of pollen that comes down the silk. Most of the ears have round kernels, but a few of the ears have pointed kernels. The pointy versus round kernels is not mixed on the ears - must be a maternal characteristic. Next year I'd like to add some red or blue into the mix. What fun!

All ears had worms in the tips, so I cut the tips off. There seem to be many organic methods to prevent Corn Ear Worms. I'll try these next year if this crop pops well.

I hung them all in the basement. Out of the way. I'll test a few kernels now and then until they pop well and then I'll shell the ears and store the kernels in jars. I'm thinking they may make good Christmas gifts - in pretty jars with fancy ribbons. If Skippy doesn't eat it all before then.

popcorn 3


kathy said...

That's great JAM. Thanks.

Jennifer Smiles-Bell said...

Thanks for the pictures of the ears drying, my 9 yr old daughter and I are first time popcorn growers this year (southern WV) and we were not sure how to dry.... Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

How do I know when it is time to pick the ears of popcorn? What if there is a hard freeze BEFORE the kernels are dry on the stalks?