Monday, September 21, 2009

photos of my plot

plot 1
plot 5 plot 3
plot 2 plot 6


Vegetable Garden Blog said...

Very nice looking garden you have there...

What are the pink flowers on the right?

Claudia said...

I have pepper plants with peppers. Do you know at what temperature they start getting damage? I do not want them to freeze with the rest of the plant. Thanks!

Marian(LondonUK) said...

Hi there, isn't it amazing how within a couple of weeks the whole feel of the plot or garden changes, the smells, colours, textures. Although our Summer was not particularly great and so windy; I love the palette that seasons bring. Fantastic Zinnias still going strong there, what a jewel of a colour. Ate the first Pepper I have ever grown this evening, Purple Beauty, crisp, peppery, with the after taste of success! Ahhh.


Jessica said...

Looks good! Very similar to what my garden looks like atm, although my Zinnias are not so big and beautiful this year. Such a cool shady summer here... hope next summer is better! Love the pumpkin! I lost mine to white mold. :(

Lisa A. said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. By the way, how many square feet do you have with your community spot and your yard? I'm trying to figure out how much of my yard I want to dig up this fall.

kathy said...

My garden space is about 1100 sq ft total.

My shady yard has 5 beds that are about 9 x 3.5 each and one big bed about 10 x 10. (About 250 sq ft.)

My community plot is about 30 x 30.

Have fun digging. The fall is a great time to start a garden.