Tuesday, September 01, 2009

extra vegetables

I wish I could keep up with eating everything the garden is producing. But composting is good too. And I enjoy how full the gardens look. This time of year is truly amazing.

I am considering putting a table outside my plot for extra vegetables. I just worry that I'll come back the next day and find rotten, wilted and ugly vegetables that no one noticed. Then again, what's the difference if I was going to compost anyway?

I also just got an email the the local Food Pantry will be starting to accept vegetables on the days they are open - I think once a week. They are sending me a flyer to post at the community garden.


CommunityFood4All said...

I am super excited that you are thinking about donating to the local area Food Bank. Here in Va, I am starting a program for people just like you, people with too much produce... We are getting it out to homeless shelters and to the local pantries that give out food. As a heads up, it might be easier and more effective for you and the life of the produce to find the local pantry near your home and directly donate. When you donate to the Food Bank there is a bit of lag time between when they have it in and when people picking up to distribute get it (more chance of it spoiling). It is just a thought, and a more direct way to see that food go into the hands of those who are hungry. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. happy growing.

Anonymous said...

There's also Ample Harvest - same concept. http://www.ampleharvest.org/

Marian(LondonUK) said...

This is very interesting, I must see if there is a similar opportunity nearby here. We do swapsies and share on the site but this community share would be great. Investigation underway!

A friend of mine is a Head Teacher here in East London, his school is in an area where there are many deprived children; he and his staff put together an in-school scheme where they made sure each child had fruit each day. Local fruit wholesalers got involved and give fruit, they see their profit in healthy kids!!
Thanks for posting this Kathy.

Adriana said...

Food bank is an excellent idea and if you still have excess swap with your neighbor!