Thursday, August 14, 2008

growing fast - pumpkin, winter squash and gourds

giant green pumpkin in the shadows
green bird house gourd delicata squash

I have a remarkable giant pumpkin growing in my community garden. Its still dark green and hiding in the shadows next to my fence. But it gets bigger by the day. The variety is Big Rock, which produces fruit 20 lbs and larger. Oh my goodness. How will, I pick it up?

Also growing well now is a big birdhouse gourd, hanging on the fence of my garden. And a couple Delicata squash, a sweet winter squash that I am growing for the first time this year..

Pumpkin -- Cucurbitaceae spp.
Cucurbita pepo (squash)

Decorative gourds


Matron said...

I'm growing bush Delicata this year as well. They seem to start off completely white then the green stripes develop later. Awaits the taste test.

Nathan said...

Wow that's a big Pumpkin. How many do you have and how do you use them? :)

kathy said...

I only have one big pumpkin! I hope it survives. I will probably use it as a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern.

Dan said...

I can relate how fast pumpkins can grow, I have pie pumpkins growing and like you said everyday they get bigger. Mine will defainly not be over 20lbs a piece though.

The Delicata Squash looks good, keep us posted on the taste, maybe I will give it a try next season.

kathy said...

I went by the garden and put foam pads under my pumpkin. The weight of it is starting make scars on the back where it is resting on the rocks. Its still looking good. Starting to get a little orange now at the stem end.