Wednesday, August 20, 2008

poison ivy at the community garden

Well, it may not be a good year for tomatoes, but its a great year for poison ivy. It is thriving in all the rain here. Unfortunately, it seems like I got into a patch of it with my weed whacker. Oh my goodness. I'm itchy all over. Its on my hands and legs, my neck and face, even on my fingertips and palms. I took a photo, but will not post it as it is very ugly.

I weed whacked the paths on Thursday, and by Friday the rash started breaking out. Even today, more patches of rash are coming out. I suppose it is what they call systemic.

Finally today, I got the courage to visit my plot again. I walked around the garden paths and tried to find where the nasty ivy is growing. I'd like to know areas to avoid in the future. But unfortunately I couldn't find it.

So, I now have a plan for the next time I weed whack: Wear full protective gear - long sleeves, pants and gloves. Shower immediately after with poison ivy soap and throw the clothes in the washer. Keep Zanfel around to use immediately if a rash starts up. Here's an interesting site with opinions on poison ivy remedies and here's the US FDA site with information.


Matriarchy said...

Thanks for the links and the name of the Zanfel treatment. I don't seem to be personally sensitive to poison ivy, but I am building a garden first aid kit, and I almost forgot something for poison ivy rash.

I'm sorry for the reason you had to post it!

Chiot's Run said...

Oh, that's too bad. Poinson Ivy seems to be the only thing I'm not allergic to, which is good because it sprouts up all over the gardens here at Chiot's Run. I just pull it out with all the other weeds.

I hope you heal quickly!

kathy said...

You're lucky! I've read tht 10-15% of people are not allergic. My dad can just pull it out without worrying about it too.

I finally got an appointment to see my doctor today. She said she has had a rash (ha) of poison ivy patients this week. I am her forth this week.

Anyway, I'm on the strong steroids now. She said I have it pretty bad and it looks like its still coming out after 7 days.

Dan Boelman said...
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Dan Boelman said...


Thank you for sharing Zanfel with the readers of your blog. Zanfel relieves itching in 30 seconds and puts the body in a position to begin healing by removing the plants' toxin from the skin. Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash has a 10 year shelf life, it would work well for Matriarchy's idea of including it in a garden first aid kit.

Again, thank you for sharing Zanfel on your blog. I hope you are feeling better!

Dan Boelman RN, BSN
Zanfel Laboratories, Inc.

kathy said...

Thanks for the comment Dan!

I thought it worked great on my areas with smaller infection. Nice to stop the itch right away. And I used it as a preventative after I was at the garden last weekend. My husband also. Its in our garden first aid kit.

But the week old mega infection on my hand was too much for it. The steroid I am taking now is working well, but this is strong systemic stuff! I'd like to avoid this again.