Saturday, August 30, 2008

late summer fields

pink lace bee on yellow

The late summer always surprises me. Suddenly the fields change color - the greens turn to yellows and golds. The light and the air change. The days are getting shorter. Though the vegetable garden is certainly still growing and producing, the hot weather crops are winding down and the fall crops are growing.

I have had all sorts of big events this summer. Parties and family. Its gone by much too fast. But has been a wonderful summer.

In a few days school starts, and the fall business season will be busy.

But for this Labor Day weekend - the last summer weekend - I will enjoy the rich colors of the late summer fields and the rich flavors of the late summer garden.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are gorgeous - the wildflowers in the corner are butter-and-eggs? I haven't seen any in 54 years but they were my favorite as a young girl in upstate New York. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Queen Anne's Lace in ages, either! Thank you. - Misty in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - I think we call those flowers 'eggs & bacon'?

kathy said...

I thought I was the only one who called them Eggs and Bacon!

I had to look it up: Linaria dalmatica. (Butter and Eggs, Dalmatian Toadflax) In the family Scrophulariaceae - Snapdragon Family. Native to the Mediterranean and brought to the west coast of North America around 1874 as a decorative garden plant. Now an aggressive invasive that's toxic to many animals including cattle. Ahh, our fine Conservation Lands here in Belmont do have lovely invasives!

And have you ever seen PINK Queen Anne's Lace before. (I didn't alter the color of this photo.) It was a surprise to me. Of course another "invasive"....

Joe said...

Just beautiful photos! I see you captured a picture of a bee on butter and eggs.

Butter and eggs has always been an interesting wildflower for me...the colors are unusual but pretty.

I'm liking your blog...all the posts are worth reading.

kathy said...

thanks parsec!