Tuesday, August 05, 2008

flowers in my vegetable garden

my flowers
big sunflower pink zinnia

I planted a few kinds of flowers this year to attract bees and brighten up the vegetable garden. They're tucked in here and there. Big and small sunflowers, morning glory, anise hyssop, nasturtiums, zinnias and marigolds. All are in full bloom now.



Daisy said...

I think my zinnias are my favorite. That could be because I had so few after an aphid outbreak, but either way, when I walk by the ones that survive, their color makes me smile and puts some zing in my step.

Great pictures of the north shore garden! I'm trying to figure out what to do with a bunch of lawn space, and I like stumbling upon great garden pictures.

This will reveal what a newbie I am, but I want to ask, are you planting garlic? I hear it's a fall crop, but I need to do some more research. Thanks for posting your fall seedling list!

Chiot's Run said...

I love Zinnias as well. This is my first year to plant them and they'll be in my garden till I die now. I also have anise hyssop, it does such a great job attracting bees. You should try some catmint. I get more bees on that plant than anything else in my garden!

Matron said...

Even though I pride myself in growing veggies-only.. I have come round to the idea of attracting beneficial insects with flowers. Tagetes marigold also gives off chemicals which deter all sorts of other pests. This year I have let several vegetables go to seed, broccoli, leeks and parsnip. The flowers have been amazing.

kathy said...

I love the zinnias too. I am hoping for enough to cut for my table. Not yet.

My hyssop is always covered with bees now. I see it in my garden and think - Tyra in Stockholm recommended this! She has a nice blog (Tyra's blog). I had never heard of hyssop before and it grew well from seed for me. Thanks for the recommendation of catmint. I will look for seeds for this.

I think it is very helpful for my vegetables that there are plots nearby that are ALL flowers. They attract beneficial birds and bees. Beneficial for the veggies and for me. I have enjoyed seeing a large (female) ruby throat hummingbird in the gardens this week!

My carrots has done so very well this year in a bed with onions, marigolds and radish. I think this is a combination I will stick with.

TerBear said...

I love the combination of veggies and flowers.

I have never tried growing hyssop, but I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks, to you and Tyra! Her blog is very nice. It is fun to think about all the things in our world that are universal. Smiles, laughter, food, flowers, pets, etc.

I check your blog often and am always inpired. Plus.... I just love seeing Skippy.

Terri in CA

kathy said...

Thanks for the nice note Terbear.

kathy said...

I was rereading these comments and noticed the top one from Daisy about planting garlic. A good idea. This is good timing. I'll try to remember to put some in the ground soon.

I think I'll try a planting it at my sunny community garden. My cloves from my home garden were pretty small this year.

I usually put my garlic in later, around September or even October, but I'd like to try getting it in earlier to see if I can get bigger heads.

This year I will plant the biggest outer cloves from three or four of my best garlic. These are a variety I bought from my local Farmer's Market last year and grew this year in my garden. They are a nice purplish color. I also will plant the biggest outer cloves from a couple of giant garlic heads from a friend's garden.

If I'm feeling really organized, I'll even mark which variety is which so I'll know next year. Labeling plants is not one of my strong points.

Thanks for the reminder Daisy!