Sunday, August 03, 2008

fall seedlings


Well, my new seedlings look pretty wet here. They're getting a lot of rain, but are doing fine.

I like to plant most seeds in potting soil in cell packs. Its easier to keep an eye on the baby sprouts this way.

On July 18 I planted:
Lettuce, Red Summer Crisp, 1 6-pack
Escarole, Bionda A Cuore Pieno, 1 6-pack
Beets, Lutz, 1 6-pack
Broccoli, Green Goliath, 2 6-packs
Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese, 1 6-pack
Dill, Dukat, 2 6-packs

On August 3 I planted:
Lettuce, Prizehead, 2 6-packs
Fall greens mix, 3 6-packs
Lettuce, Four Seasons, 1 6-pack
Lettuce, Bibb, 2 6-packs
Endive, Batavian, 2 6-packs
Plus one 6-pack I didn't label and don't remember what it is...

I want to try to remember to plant some fall carrots and radish tomorrow at my community plot.

Here's my entire planting record for this year.
beets (Beta vulgaris)


Anonymous said...

I'm planning on fall planting this weekend too...where are you keeping the seedlings? I'm new at this and worry about the warm midday sun doing harm - I'm in CT

Michael said...

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kathy said...

Hi Micheal, You have lovely photos at your advertising site. Thanks for the nice link. Your tips are very helpful. Very basic.

Garden planning is something I do when I first wake up these days. I think about what I can plant or tend to in the garden today. It is also one of my favorite winter activities. A perfect time to get a big plan in place.

I have two trays of seedlings now. I keep them outside in the full sun (though I bring them in if there's too much rain). I don't think you should worry about the sun. The sprouts will benefit from the light. Fall vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc) prefer cooler temps and bright sun, but unless you have an AC greenhouse, outside is best.