Friday, August 01, 2008

day lilies

lily 8
lilly 1 lily 7
lily 6 lily 5
lily 2
lily 4 lily 3

The perfect midsummer flower! These are growing in a nearby plot at the community garden. Others are 'weeds' in the paths and in my plot.

Belmont Victory Garden


Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden! I'm learning so much from you. I've had my first veggie garden this year and have done really well...except vine borers killed all the squash. Anyway, where did you get the day lily's from? They are gorgeous!

kathy said...

Vine borers are a very tough problem. I have yet to find a solution for this. I expect they will find my squash soon.

The day lilies photographed here are in Bruce's garden at the Belmont Community Garden. He has over 50 varieties in his plot. I don't know where he got them from, but a great day lily source is R. Seawright Gardens in Carlisle MA. I just love to walk through their fields in mid summer when all the lilies are in bloom!