Thursday, August 14, 2008

more weed wacking

It seems like an endless project. But Gretta told me recently that the will weeds slow down soon. Yes!

Maintaining the grass paths at the community garden is my new volunteer project. They need to be weed wacked and mowed every few days. I manage to do it almost once a week. It sure does a job on my shoulder muscles! The reward is the smell of newly mowed grass. Ahhh.

I ran into a Botany Professor from Harvard University today on the paths. He told me he is responsible for the beautiful Arnold Arboretum in Boston. But today he wanted to look at invasives, so where did he go? Well, he was walking the garden paths in Belmont. I guess he realized that I am fighting a big battle with my little push mower! He pointed out the terrible Japanese hops and bittersweet that we have in abundance.

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