Thursday, August 28, 2008

summer chiles


By far, my best chile this summer is a cayenne plant given to me by Amelia. It has been producing bright red spicy chiles for a couple weeks now. I'm looking forward to saving seeds from this plant, as Amelia did, and growing them again next year.

Of course, one of the reasons this plant did so well is that it got the front seat in my chile pots. The plants towards the back have had to compete with pumpkin, gourd, sunflower and dahlia leaves. Not so easy. And considering all the clouds and rain... I'm just glad to be enjoying some red hot chiles now.

The second best chile in my garden this year is are Anaheim. The yellow and purple bell's are coming along still. Poblano's had some trouble under the pumpkin leaves.

This week, we have enjoyed cayenne and Anaheims chopped and sauteed in chicken wings and local calamari. Yum! The flavor is super.

chile and bell peppers (Capsicum)
garden gifts


Anonymous said...

Do you ever dry and grind down your red peppers? I'm swimming in them this summer, and my plants show no signs of slowing down! I've started drying them on a string, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them once they're dry.

Joe said...

The cayenne pepper looks great! I am currently growing a 'Thai Hot Dragon' pepper plant in a container. I get dozens of fiery red peppers. They really are incredibly spicy.

kathy said...

I have tried Thai hot peppers at restaurants. Really nice flavor. A good one to put on my list to try to grow next year! I'm glad to hear it is productive.