Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sliced and yummy

Copy of IMG_8205

This is a Brandywine. I took photos of a Giant Belgian tonight and hope to post them soon. This second variety is a new one for me and very much like a Brandywine but even meatier and bigger. I think I will list these two as my favorites, though neither produces many tomatoes. Quality, not quantity....

tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum)


Kristi said...

Oh that looks so yummy. I am drooling.

Chiot's Run said...

Is that a HUGE carrot in the background - WOW. All your tomatoes look great! I'm actually have a pretty good year for tomatoes, this cool august is slowing down the harvest though (it's been getting into the low 50's at night and the low 70's during the day).

Anonymous said...

Kathy - I have been reading your blog for a long time - probably over a year. You are an inspiration and, this month, I started a little garden patch here in the Southwest - about 24 sq.ft. I found you by Google - garden + "portuguese water dog" - and bookmarked your blog. My Portie is a sweetheart, a 3-year old black wavy, my second PWD - such a great breed. Your pictures are fantastic and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope you are quickly recovering from the poison ivy - did Skippy get a special bath, too? Thanks for all your gardening hints! - Daisy

kathy said...

Congratulations on your new garden! I love to hear from someone else with a Portuguese water dog! He sounds a lot like my Skippy.

You know that's a real good point to ask about Skippy's bath. They say dogs can give owner's poison ivy. But I still find that he can run through it and roll in it and I don't get it from him. Hmm. My mom doesn't believe me.

Anyway, he was tied up in my garden when I was weed whacking the back paths at the community garden. Poor Skippy. But at least he didn't get into it.

He DID get a special bath on Saturday at his favorite groomer. She made him look and smell beautiful!

I should be better soon because my doctor put me on steroids today. She said I have a very bad case of poison ivy.

And Susy, I'm glad you mentioned that big carrot in the background. I will post some photos soon. My carrots are fantastic. That variety is Oxheart and they are short and very fat. They make really nice slices, several inches in diameter.

Adriana said...

Oh good. It is supposed to look like that.