Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fall seedlings

fall seedlings
more fall seedlings baby broccoli
radish seedlings arugula seedlings

I have transplanted all my fall seedlings into the garden now. I started them in seed packs a few weeks ago. Mostly greens. Lettuce, endive, arugula, dill, spinach and broccoli. I have a mesclun mix. Also a fall greens mix that seems to have a lot of kale and other brassicas. I also sowed roots: radish, beets and carrots.

We're down to about 50 days left until frost! The 50 day crops include early carrots, small beets and broccoli. With luck, maybe I could still seed more of these. Lettuce greens are only about 30 days - plenty of time for more planting.

I'm may get ambitions and really push my luck by sowing some early peas (Sugar Sprint) and fast beans (Provider) today. These require 50-60 days. I had such a bad pea harvest this spring that it would be nice to try again. Who knows what the weather will bring!

Note added:

I did plant a lot more seeds today at my community plot. I filled up all the bare spots. Why not?

Here's the list:

August 27:
Beans, Provider
Peas, Alaska
Peas, Sugar Sprint
Carrots, Mokum
Radish, Multicolor
Broccoli, Green Goliath
Kale, Red Russian
Kale, Winterbore
Dill, Durkat
Fall Greens Mix (Sand Hill Preservation Center)
Lettuce, Big Boston
Lettuce, Four Seasons
Lettuce, Black-Seeded Simpson


Dan said...

Your broccoli seedlings turned out great! Mine never made it because of a mix of to much heat, then rain. I was lucky enough to stop in at a farm and noticed the fella had transplant growing. I asked if I could buy some and he sold me 10 for 2 bucks. I was very happy!

Great pumpkin photo above, your blog fulfills my interest in gardening and photography all in one. :-)

kathy said...

I love the garden produce weight meter on your blog Dan! You're very productive this year.

Glad you got some broccoli transplants. Mine are begging for more water. All of a sudden we're dry. I am going to try to remember to go over and water my plot daily if we don't get rain. I actually put in a few more broccoli seeds today just in cause the fall weather holds.

I put in about 10 types of seeds today. Lettuce, broccoli, carrots, kale, peas and beans. I planted every bare space I could find. It feels like spring planting again.

Anonymous said...

You are a very productive gardener. Every time I pop over here, I see you've accomplished some new big gardening task. :-)

Chiot's Run said...

Looking great! I also started a whole bed of carrots for winter (I'm planning on leaving them in the cold fram all winter long) and a bunch of lettuce. I would like to get a bed of spinach going in the next couple days.

kathy said...

a bit of a fanatic, I suppose.... last evening the garden was very beautiful, so I stayed and worked a while. Skippy didn't seem to mind.

The plants and weeds are all so tall (way taller than me) that my community garden is like a secret hideaway. The sunlight is very sharp and shadows are dark. Someone down the way had the ball game on a radio. A small sparrow kept joining us to dig around in the garden. Its my own time between work and making dinner.

kathy said...

My spinach didn't make it. I replanted the plot with peas yesterday. I wonder if I should try again with spinach, though as I remember I'm out of seeds. I'll try in the spring... I curious to hear how the overwintering carrots do.

Ashleigh said...

Hi Kathy. Just popping in to say how great your gardens going. I've just started my own and am yet to eat any delicious home grown vegetables yet but soon!

Well done :)

kathy said...

Glad to hear about another new garden! How wonderful. I'm sure your veggies will taste great.