Saturday, August 02, 2008

I can post again!

I had the note below at the top of my blog yesterday because I was locked out and unable to post. I thought it would take a long time until I could post again, but happily I can post now! Thanks blogger. That was quick.

A number of posts I drafted and saved during the lock out are now posted below.

Note to Readers - Blogger's spam robot has run amok and has tagged 1000s of blogs, including this one, as "spam." Obviously, I am not a spam blog. But for now I cannot post anything new. I don't know how long it will be until this is fixed.

Here's a site that describes this problem. You can still post comments on my old posts, I can answer comments, and I can edit my template (which is the source of this note), but no new posts. I hope to be up and posting again soon!
(By the way, I ate my first ripe tomatoes today!)

1 comment:

Jodie said...

What a bummer about the whole 'spam' thing... I hope you get it all sorted out soon so that you can get back to your normal blogging..

Jodie :)