Wednesday, July 04, 2007

fava crop failure

fava with aphids favas are gone
lady bug

My favas are gone. I pulled them up today. Though the lady bugs have arrived, the fava beans were just too stunted from black aphid damage to leave growing. (I almost pulled the adjacent pole beans too. These also have aphid damage, but seem to be recovering. I left them for now.) In place of the favas, I planted a mix of sunflower seeds.

I am glad to see the lady bugs, even though they are the big Asian type. They will help to control the green aphids on many of the plants in my garden.

lady bug on parsley
Vicia faba


Ki said...

Too bad about your fava bean crop. At least you were able to see, enjoy and photograph the interesting flowers. I grew some okra and thought the flowers were great looking even though they lasted a day. I found out they are related to the hibiscus and mallow so that accounted for the attractive flowers. I would almost plant them as an annual just for the flowers and architectural look of the tall plant. As your photos clearly show, vegetables can be very ornamental as well as good to eat. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Anonymous said...

Most people around here find Aquadulce fava beans to be best. I haven't grown them myself, but if you try again next year you might look for these.

kathy said...

Thanks for the suggestion of the variety. I'd like to find the gardener at the nearby community garden who has beautiful favas this and ask his/her advice. I'm still undecided on trying again next year.