Monday, July 02, 2007

blooming eggplants

aphid on eggplant flower
row of eggplants eggplant flower

topic: eggplant


Matron said...

I love the flowers on vegetables! I have seen some wonderful blogs, yours is brilliant. My Buddy sends his love to your Skippy! Have a look at my blog 'Buddy and the Beans' Best wishes from London, England.

Ki said...

My eyesight's getting bad. I thought your title read Blooming Elephants and wondered why you would entitle pictures of eggplants, elephants. I need my caffeine. The color does sort of resemble elephant hide though. I love the little aphid on the close up.

kathy said...

Its getting bad when you can't tell and elephant from an eggplant. It is an odd color, isn't it. The variety is called "Dusky".