Sunday, July 01, 2007

first chili pepper

Copy of first pepper
I found a little chili pepper today. There are also lots of blossoms setting fruit now. Looks like it will be a good chili crop. The weather is hot and sunny - which I hope will give me spicy hot chilies.

Something is chewing on the leaves a bit. In general, I have a lot of insects in my garden this year. A lot of green and black aphids, white flies, several types of beetles, a lot of black and green flies, a few wasps and a very few bees. I have not done anything about these bugs except photograph them now and then.



Anonymous said...

I like the fact that you are not overly concerned with the pests you have in your garden.

Too many people see a threat, even a small one, and go overboard thinking they have to destroy all insects so they can have 'perfect' vegetation.

You have some very good looking vegetables and flowers. Your love of gardening shows in the pictures you share.

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

Greg W of

kathy said...

I have found bugs (especially white flies and aphids) are often worse if I spray. I am all organic this year - I am experimenting with non-chemical defense against squash vine borers (I'll post this later), which are my real problem in the garden.

I do think the black aphids have destroyed my fava beans and the adjacent pole beans. I will likely pull these crops today and plant other seeds in there place. But I think the problem was that I didn't grow the favas correctly (my first year with these), and they were not healthy plants. Another topic for a post soon.

I enjoy searching for cool bugs among the veggie leaves and continue to collect their photos.