Friday, July 20, 2007

thyme for picking peas

thyme to pick the capucijners
Looks like its time to pick the Capucijner peas. The purple pods are drying on the vines and the tendrils are turning brown. I pick a few dry pods each day and shell them. I haven't decided yet whether to make a batch of soup or save them for planting next year.

Pisum sativum


Anonymous said...

Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog. I was wondering what kind of fencing you use for your peas? I would like to have some for my own peas this year. I just started planting them this month. Thanks!

kathy said...

My pea trellises are kind of random things. I can't say I recommend them to you. I've made string and branch trellises and used purchased netting tie-wrapped to posts. These are clumsy, unattractive and hard to remove.

The best pea supports I've seen around are branches. Use highly branches limbs (like fruit tree limbs) cut to the height the peas will grow. Just stick them in the ground along the pea row. I plan to try this next year.