Tuesday, July 24, 2007

baby carrots

baby carrots on a plate

I pulled a plateful of baby carrots yesterday. These are a mix of Red Core Chantenay, Oxheart (the fat ones) and Cosmic Purple that I planted on April 25. Tiny but tasty!

The farmers at my local Farmers Market are already pulling their second crop of big carrots now. I asked a farmer about them and she said they planted a couple of weeks earlier than me, they have full sun in their fields, and they plant very early varieties. The first variety she says most farmers in New England plant is Mokum (54 days to maturity). Her second planting was Hercules, which she said has enormous tops. The days to maturity of my varieties are: Red Core Chantenay (65), Oxheart (90) and Cosmic Purple (70)

Daucus carota


Adekun said...

I tagged you with the Seven Random Garden Things About Me Meme. The rules are on my blog.
I've been thinking about carrots. 54 days seems a lot better than what I've got. Maybe I'll make a little space next to the spuds and try some different seeds.

Anonymous said...

Those carrots are adorable. I planted carrots once and they were extremely tiny but they were the sweetest I ever tasted!

Tira said...

Lovely carrots and lettuce. I planted carrot seed twice, but never got any. Alas my "lettuces" are arugula, mustard, radish etc. all which grow really here, as normal lettuce will shrivel most of the year. We have been enjoying lots of salad at dinner!

Connie said...

Such sweet looking little carrots! I had seed to plant these this year, but didn't get it sowed, so will try for a fall crop.

MrBrownThumb said...

Those are pretty cool they look like Japanese cartoon versions of carrots.

kathy said...

Even the tiny littlest ones, I clean and arrange nicely because they taste incredibly good. Sweet and very carroty. I just love my garden carrots!

(Unfortunately, I'm starting to feel about store carrots like I feel about store tomatoes...)

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

The carrots looks so tasty, yummie
and pretty!