Sunday, July 15, 2007

tall tomatoes

Skippy in the tomatoes
green tomatoes Skippy in the tomatoes
Wow! We're back from vacation and the tomato plants are enormous! Already they are 6 feet tall. Lots of pretty green tomatoes all over them. Skippy is almost lost in the tall plants.

I was hoping they'd be ripe by now :( Oh well...

Solanum lycopersicum


Unknown said...

I was also recently on vacation and upon return ate my first tomatoes! But then I live in CA. Your tomatoes plants are impressive! Does Skippy eat any of your vegetables?

kathy said...

I'm SOOO jealous! I bet your tomato was delicious. Next year I should vacation in CA!

Skippy loves the tall grasses/weeds that poke up at the edges of my garden and he did sample some pea tendrils this week and enjoyed them. Other than that he's not a good veggie eater.

Enjoy the CA sunshine!