Wednesday, July 04, 2007

pumpkin flowers

pumpkin fllowerpotted pumpkin
Lots of big orange pumpkin flowers have begun to bloom this week. They open early in the morning. All male flowers so far.

Last year I planted pumpkins in a big pot and they shriveled and died in the heat of mid July. I told myself, no more potted pumpkins. But here it is - pumpkins in a pot. (Where did I read about the folly and eternal optimism of gardeners?) This year they are in a bigger pot, nice potting soil (instead of last year's garden soil) and they are in semi shade. I have planted them with sunflowers, which they are climbing up. So far, so good. I actually have two big pots with pumpkins and sunflowers. One pot has vines I think are pumpkins (they sprouted in my compost bin), the other has a variety called Howden that I purchased as seedlings.

Pumpkin -- Cucurbitaceae spp.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Don't you love volunteer vegetables. I have a vine crop that looks like a 'cucmber??' We'll see.

kathy said...

Volunteers are great. Its always fun to find them.

Angie said...

I have one pumpkin planted in a whiskey barrel, and although it is much smaller than the 2 near it in the ground, it is growing and blooming! The 2 in the ground are growing like gangbusters. One is starting to grow up an arch that I have Clematis on. It has 2 pumpkins on it and I am anxious to see how well these will do hanging instead of sitting on the ground like the other plant.