Saturday, July 21, 2007

fall broccoli started

baby broccoli sprouts
I'm looking forward to a fall crop of broccoli, though I'm hoping I haven't started these plants too early. I didn't expect them to grow so fast. We'll see.



TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

I didn't know that you could sow broccoli now? Tell me more, why in July?

kathy said...

I'd like to plant it in the garden in late August when the plants are 8 weeks old. I think I read this somewhere.... I found it: Kenny at Veggie Gardening Tips has an article about fall broccoli. He starts his plants in early August (maybe I'm a bit early...) and sets then out late August and early September. He says he gets great heads of broccoli in December. It sounds really nice!

Anonymous said...

First of all great picture! Second, can you really grow a crop of broccoli outside in your area in December? Do you need to protect the plants from frost?

kathy said...

I really shouldn't give advice on this. I'm experimenting. Its my first year growing broccoli.

But, last year my lettuce didn't freeze until January 18th! It looked nice all of December. I also had delicious carrots, beets and chard through November and into December. Every year the weather is different, but my yard tends to frost very late. I did cover everything on the coldest nights.

I believe broccoli is at least a cold hardy as lettuce. Check back to my site and see if the fall broccoli crop works!