Saturday, September 27, 2008

wet plot

wet plot

Everything is wet today - even Skippy.


Anonymous said...

The veggie plot looks good and so does Skippy; he must love the rain as he is a waterdog.

kathy said...

Skippy doesn't seem to like getting wet in the rain. He loves to go for a swim. I think his favorite activities are boating (canoe, kayak, any small boat) and swimming with people. He also loves a nice hike with a group of people - he keeps track of everyone. But no, he would rather not get wet in the rain. I have to pull him out of the car to go to the plot in the rain.

But yes, Skippy does look good these days. I have a new conditioner for his fur that makes it even more shiny and smooth and soft. It feels like puppy fur again. His vet suggested I use Tressume conditioner. Boy its this great!

Annie*s Granny said...

Skippy's adorable, and I've enjoyed watching his garden grow this season. I'll be sorry to see winter come. My Annie loves her garden, too. Loves to dig in it, that is ;-)

kathy said...

I'm not a fan of winter either.

Skippy is enjoying digging in the new garden area. Maybe I'll leave an place where he can dig next year.