Saturday, September 20, 2008

more work on plot expansion

blue smoke
stump removal with come-along big stump

I'm lucky to have assistance with this project. We've got some gigantic stumps. (6 big ones and 4 or 5 little ones.) Too bad we couldn't just bury a charge of explosive under them, back up and let them blow. Nevertheless, we are making progress. And we'll sleep soundly tonight after all this work.

community plot expansion project


Anonymous said...

Hey, im planning my garden for next year. Cam you send me a list of your reccomended varieties? Thanks. My email is

by the way, i hope you make progress quickly on the plot expansion.

kathy said...

Hi eecpckevin,

I'll post my recommended varieties soon. I like to go through the varieties I grew at the end of the year, before I forget, and list what I like and what I didn't.