Sunday, September 28, 2008

still raining......

skippy under the tarp

I thought the weather was clearing when I went to the plot today. But no! Just as Skippy and I got there, the sky opened up. Skippy was pleased when I grabbed the tarp that covered my lawn mower and propped it up with garden poles. The two of us sat on a towel under it (Skippy is such a clean dog..) and watched the downpour. It lasted about 15 minutes.

After the downpour ended I worked in the drizzle, but Skippy was very glad to stay under the cover. My husband and son came and helped (well they did more work than me and lots more than Skippy). Two more stumps are gone.

Of the 10 stumps we started with, we now have three left to remove. We've removed six (!) and have decided to leave the corner one where it is.

(I'll have to do a post someday on how to remove tree stumps....)

community plot expansion project


gintoino said...

LOL, isn't it funny, that being a water dog he prefers to stay dry? That's a clever dog

Maggie said...

Ugh, we've had the rain here too. Ordinarily I enjoy a good rain. But yesterday it just poured and poured. Everything flooded. And the couple plants in the garden I want to pot and bring in just looked toward the house beseechingly while I cowered inside. But so far, things are looking better today! Woohoo!

Chiot's Run said...

Sounds like you're well along to getting your new plot ready. Our dog always hides under the garage eaves when she's caught outside in the rain.