Tuesday, September 23, 2008


beet harvest
kale harvest apple harvest

These are vegetables I harvested this week. Beet, lettuce and arugula from my plot and tomatoes, kale and an apple from my home garden. How about that apple! My first one.

My kale is delicious now. I'm still eating my spring crop. I pick the newer leaves - not the newest and not the big ones. Very nice in a quick saute with kielbasa. I mixed them with beets, since for one reason or another, I had beets but not beet leaves. I have a fall crop of kale planted out at my community plot but its still very small.

(As an aside, I hate those little holes that show up in tomatoes. Its from the stem of another tomato when you carry a bunch of tomatoes together. I should remove the stems when I pick them.)

harvests from my vegetable gardens
Apples (Malus domestica)


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed watching you this past summer, it was an education for me. How do you get your apples without pests? I harvested ours, and was sad to see many many holes in the apples as well as black marks on the skins. It was a disappointing harvest at best. I am an organic gardener. I don't know what or how to treat these trees. Can you offer any advise? I live in Washington State, near Puget Sound, (Seattle). Thanks for any tips! Sue

kathy said...

I asked this same question to my blog readers earlier this year and the suggestions were to cover the apples with nylon covers or baggies - I used my knee-hi's. A picture is here. It worked great. No pests and no sprays. But then I only have 5 apples on my little tree.

There is a company that sells apples bags: http://www.grandpasorchard.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=trees.plantDetail&plant_id=163

kamagra said...

They look pretty good, Im also starting to grow my own vegetables as well, it is a fantastic activity.